Management of LIHTC Projects - Advanced

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Live Webinar

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12/13/2023 - 09:00 am (ET)

Details: This course is being offered in partnership with Mid-Atlantic AHMA. Online registration for these sessions is handled directly by Mid-Atlantic AHMA.


Course Description

This full day training is intended for senior management staff, Property Managers, senior site staff, and others responsible for ensuring that overall management policies are established in a way that ensures long-term success for tax credit properties. This training covers complex issues such as eligible and qualified basis, applicable fraction, credit calculation (including first year calculation), placed in service issues, rehab projects, tax exempt bonds, projects with HOME funds, Available Unit Rule, employee units, mixed income properties, vacant unit rule, and dealing effectively with State Agencies. The session also includes a complete discussion of the types of fees that are prohibited on tax credit properties, and the result of charging inappropriate fees. The primary target audience for Advanced Credit Training are staff responsible for setting and carrying out management policies on site.