Occupancy Standards for Multifamily Housing

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08/29/2023 - 1:00 pm (ET)
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Owners and managers of multifamily housing developments must create and implement many types of policies, governing everything from how to collect the rent to the handling of work orders. One of the most important policies for any property is its “occupancy standard.” In simple terms, an occupancy standard is a policy that outlines how many people may live in each unit at a property. Overcrowded housing is dangerous and unsanitary, as well as being hard on the building systems such as water, sewer, and HVAC. However, occupancy standards that are too strict may violate fair housing laws by limiting the ability of families with children to find housing. In short, occupancy standards must be “reasonable.” But, determining what is reasonable can be complex. This training is designed to assist owners and managers in navigating this complex and difficult area of fair housing liability.

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