A. J. Johnson Partners with Mid-Atlantic AHMA for June Training on Income, Assets & Tax-Exempt Bonds

During the month of June 2021, A. J. Johnson will be partnering with the MidAtlantic Affordable Housing Management Association for two live webinars intended for real estate professionals, particularly those in the affordable multifamily housing field. The following live webinars will be presented:

June 23: Dealing with Income & Assets on Affordable Housing Properties –
This five-hour course (there will be a one-hour lunch break) provides concentrated instruction on the required methodology for calculating and verifying income, and for determining the value of assets and income generated by those assets. The first section of the course involves a comprehensive discussion of employment income, along with military pay, pensions/social security, self-employment income, and child support. It concludes with workshop problems designed to test what the student has learned during the discussion phase of the training and serve to reinforce HUD required techniques for the determination of income. The second component of the training focuses on a detailed discussion of requirements related to the determination of asset value and income and is applicable to all federal housing programs, including the low-income housing tax credit, tax-exempt bonds, Section 8, Section 515, HOME, and HOPE VI. Multiple types of assets are covered, both in terms of what constitutes an asset and how must they be verified. This section also concludes with a series of problems, designed to test the student’s understanding of the basic requirements relative to assets.

June 24: Understanding the Basic Management Requirements of the Tax-Exempt Bond Program –  This 2.5-hour course covers the basic requirements of the Tax-Exempt Bond Program, especially those requirements relating to on-site compliance. It is recommended for managers of tax-exempt bond properties, senior management, and compliance staff, as well as developers. The course covers the compliance differences between the Tax-Exempt Bond and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) programs and provides guidance when combining bonds and credits.

These sessions are part of the year-long collaboration between A. J. Johnson and MidAtlantic AHMA that is designed to provide affordable housing professionals with the knowledge needed to effectively manage the complex requirements of the various agencies overseeing these programs.

Persons interested in any (or all) of these training sessions may register by visiting either www.ajjcs.net or https://www.mid-atlanticahma.org.