HUD Final Smoke Detector Rule for Section 202 and 811 Projects

HUD has issued a final rule, effective July 22, 2013, requiring that smoke detectors be installed in all subsidized housing for the elderly and disabled. The final rule, published in the July 20, 2013 Federal Register, requires that smoke detectors be placed in every bedroom and primary sleeping area.

The final rule itself is fairly extensive, and applies only to Section 202 and Section 811 projects. In addition to the rule regarding installation of smoke detectors, the rule removes restrictions on the portions of developments not funded through capital advances, lifts barriers on participation in the development of the projects, and eliminates burdensome funding requirements.

The rule regarding smoke detector installation should not affect most owners, since it is already a requirement of most local codes and insurance policies. Also, the rule does not dictate a specific technology or product.

Owners currently involved with Section 202 or 811 projects (or those anticipating such involvement) should obtain and review the entire final rule.