Nations Top Four Apartment Owners are Tax Credit Firms

The National Multi Housing (NMHC) as released its annual list of the nation’s 50 largest apartment owners for 2011. The top four on the list are all deeply involved in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, and are as follows:

1. Boston Capital: 158,947 units;
2. Centerline Capital Group: 152,600 units;
3. Boston Financial Investment Management, LP: 145,454; and
4. SunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners, Inc: 141,113

33 of the top 50 ownership firms own tax credit or other affordable units.

The report also listed the largest apartment managers in the country. The top three are Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC, with 187,360 units under management; Riverstone Residential Group with 162,182 units; and Pinnacle Family of Companies, with 151,373 units under management.