Mississippi Requiring Community Services for LIHTC Projects

The Mississippi Home Corporation (MHC) is requiring all 2011 low-income housing tax credit projects to provide tenant services not usually offered in affordable housing.

The requirement, which is part of the Agency’s Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) requires that projects commit to provide a minimum of two community services in at least two of four unrelated areas. These areas are (1) personal development; (2) counseling; (3) child development; and (4) community awareness events/activities. The services have to be provided for at least ten years after the later of a project’s placed in service date or the date when a class or service starts.

Services must be offered to residents at least annually, and each service or course must be updated on a regular basis.

Developers and managers utilizing 2011 credits in Mississippi should review the details of these requirements in the States QAP.