HUD Develops Self-Certification for Owners to Show Eligibility for Weatherization Assistance Program

HUD has developed a self-certification procedure enabling owners of HUD-assisted multifamily housing projects to show eligibility for the Department of Energy (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).

On January 25, 2010, DOE published a regulation that was intended to reduce the review burden related to WAP income eligibility for HUD properties. The initial list of properties provided by HUD to DOE included only properties for which HUD was able to verify tenant income information based on available data sets.

Due to HUD’s limited data sets, the list omitted multi-building properties for which HUD was unable to match tenant addresses to individual buildings to determine in income eligibility requirements were met. Under program rules, at least 66 percent of the units in each building (50 percent for two to four unit buildings) must have incomes below 200 percent of the poverty level.

The revised policy relies on certified annual income records and building information provided by property owners. An owner or agent must sign a self-certification attesting that the owner or agent maintains certified income records for households at the property, has reviewed the certified income records, and has determined that residents in at least 66 percent of the units in each building have certified incomes at or below 200 percent of the poverty level based on household size.

Once HUD reviews and accepts the owner provided documentation, the property will be added to the supplemental list of properties eligible to participate in the WAP program.

Properties assisted by HUD, Rural Development, and those with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits are eligible to participate in the program. For additional information, refer to DOE Weatherization Program Notice 10-15, Effective date March 2, 2010.