Use Project Binder to Organize for HUD MOR

When HUD or Contract Administrators conduct Management & Occupancy Reviews (“MOR”), they will ask for a slew of documents. Failure to have the documents will result in MOR findings that will lower the property’s score. It is a good idea to have a Project Binder where all documents can be kept and easily located. The following documents should be kept up-to-date and in the binder:

• Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract or other subsidy contracts;
• Regulatory or PRAC Agreement;
• Most recent approved rent schedule;
• Current Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan;
• Management Certification & Management Entity Profile;
• Most recent Management Review;
• Most recent REAC or Physical Property Inspection;
• Most recent audit;
• Tenant Selection Plan (TSP);
• 504 Self-Evaluation Plan & Procedures;
• Application Packet;
• Applicant Screening Criteria;
• Lease & Addendums/Amendments;
• House Rules, Pet Rules, Parking Agreement, Drug Free Housing, etc;
• Transfer Policy;
• Rent collection policy;
• Waiting list procedures;
• Insurance Summary Sheets;
• Emergency Procedures;
• Preventive Maintenance Plan;
• Capital Improvements Plan;
• Asset Inventory for on-site items;
• Vendor list;
• Site map with unit plans;
• List of employees with phone numbers;
• File organization sheet;
• Job descriptions; and
• Rent roll

An excellent website to assist in preparing for HUD inspections is