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Recapture – What it is and When it Occurs

Although taxpayers claim the low-income housing credit over a ten-year period, the owner of a low-income housing tax credit project is required to provide low-income housing in compliance with IRC §42 for 15 years (the compliance period). In effect, the…

2014 Income Limits Published

On December 18, 2013, HUD published the 2014 income limits for HUD programs as well as for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Tax-Exempt Bond programs. The limits for the LIHTC and Bond projects are published separately from the limits…

Revised 2013 Section 8 and MTSP Income Limits Released

(Update 12/26/13) The 2014 income limits have been released. More information can be found here. HUD has revised and released the 2013 income limits. These new income limits supersede the limits released on 12/4/12. The revision is due to an…