A. J. Johnson Partnering with Mid-Atlantic AHMA – Webinar on Preparing Affordable Housing Projects for Physical Inspections

A. J. Johnson is partnering with the Mid-Atlantic Affordable Housing Management Association (Mid-Atlantic AHMA) in offering a webinar on Preparing Affordable Housing Properties for Agency Required Physical Inspections. The webinar will be live and will be held on August 26 from 9 AM to 1 PM (Eastern Time).

Agency inspections of affordable housing properties are required for all affordable housing programs, and failure to meet the required inspection standards can result in significant financial and administrative penalties for property owners. This four-hour training focuses on how owners and managers may prepare for such inspections, with a concentration on HUD REAC inspections and State Housing Finance Agency inspections for the LIHTC program. Specific training areas include (1) a complete discussion of the most serious violations, including health & safety; (2) how vacant units are addressed during inspections; (3) when violations will be reported to the IRS; (4) the 20 most common deficiencies; (5) how to prepare a property for inspection; (6) strategies for successful inspections; and (7) a review of the most important Uniform Physical Conditions Standards as they relate to the five inspectable areas [site/doors & windows/electrical/building exterior & systems/Units & Common Area]. Also, an update on the current status of REAC will be presented as will a discussion of the new “NSPIRE” protocol, that will ultimately replace the current REAC procedures. At the end of the training, attendees will have a blueprint they can use to prepare their properties for agency required physical inspections – regardless of the program under which they operate.

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