We've put together a few tutorials to help you understand how to use our website.

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Activating Your Account

Account activation is the first step in the process of sending us files to review. This tutorial guides you through the process of activating your account.

Logging In & Uploading Files

This tutorial walks you through the process of logging in to the Dashboard and uploading files for us to review.

Checking On Files

After you have sent us files, you are able to check on the status of your uploads. This tutorial provides you with information about how to do that.

Changing Your Password

If you'd like to change the default password provided by us, follow the steps in this tutorial.

Create A Note

Adding a note to a file for our staff to view is quick and easy, as demonstrated in this tutorial.

What To Send Us For Review

This tutorial provides you with a list of items that are helpful for us to have when conducting reviews.